Cyberscan ... and you

The CyberScan journey started a long time ago… (see Tab 1). As the pioneers of “Energy Medicine” approached their collective climax during the 1940’s & 50’s the entire effort of this non-orthodox but effective movement suddenly found magnified acceptance due to the special needs of Space Exploration.

This unexpected accolade occurred due to the highly specific needs of expensively trained astronauts, who formed the human basis for International Space Exploration. The great fear of the Mission technicians was a close encounter with viruses, bacteria and other pathogens while astronauts were far away from Earth.

Throughout much of this period (1980’s), the CyberScan began to develop under deeply perceptive influence of Robert G. Jahn, Professor of Aerospace Engineering along with his Princeton P.E.A.R. Research Team. The lab’s objective was to study ability of consciousness to influence physical processes; the effects were observed that cannot be explained by the contemporary understanding of science.

What is known today as “CyberScan” technology was used for the duration of the space programme (<1990/91). The nature of this completely innovative non-orthodox approach to medicine was widely understood by top people, “in the know”, to facilitate near perfect diagnostic capability, with the commensurate ability to provide re-balancing and treatment whenever needed. Such a development transcended orthodox, superficial, diagnosis and symptomatic treatment and, time after time, exposed the roots of every health issue be they Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual in origin.

The CyberScan Application Specification for commercial use was very different to the requirement of Space Mission Managers; massively all encompassing in terms of both diagnostic range (almost everything) and remedial solutions (nearly anything).  Twenty years elapsed, far longer than the development engineers envisaged and at way more cost than the investment group had originally imagined; they refused to relent until perfection was reached. Nothing was spared, the world over was scoured for every relevant input to the database, every conceivable output (remedy/ treatment form) was identified.

The ‘end product’ was structurally magnificent, engineered with Germanic perfection, incorporating all aspects of the pioneering genius’s of the preceding 150 years. In their image the most advanced understanding of medical diagnosis & treatment was expressed as a gigantic technological peak. The resulting CyberScan prototype was a crisp and effective clinical tool, internationally approved to government standards. For a patient, it offered the equivalent to seeing a bevy of Medical Consultants in one visit.

The centre of all this development attention was YOU, the beneficiary of the intrinsic, revolutionary drugs free discovery. Our own bodies, like all living organisms, are energy conversion machines and all bodily functions, from thinking to lifting weights, require energy. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery with the average cell membrane potential of 70 mV when healthy. According to Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, the voltage could be affected by the aging process, stress, unhealthy diet, and the toxic environment we live in. Dr. Warburg found healthy people had cell voltages of 70-100 mV, people with chronic illnesses had cell voltages between 30-50 mV, whereas cancer patients displayed cell voltages less than 15-20 mV. Diminished cellular voltage has a direct correlation to disease and sickness.

All life functions are a result of low frequency electromagnetism within and between the cells & cell groups of your body striving to maintain healthy function. This means that every living thing has a measurable, unique, frequency signature – as do all cells and molecules, healthy or not. By changing the frequency, your body cells send an S.O.S to those who understand what it means, and possibly restore full health. Such understanding, and greater depth, were progressively supplied by Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl from his lab’ in the Black Forest, Germany just a stone’s throw from the CyberScan R&D Unit.

By the beginning of the second millennium the forthcoming health pandemics had already become a growing cause for concern amongst environmental science professionals. The flagrant disregard for safety in development of industrial chemical products initiated in the 1950’s & 60’s were revealing their impact on consumer health. The reign of antibiotics was exposed by overuse (damages DNA esp. children), as well as a multitude of other health issues caused by environmental chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers etc. compromising water sources, contaminated soil, increased consumption of GMO foods, together with electronic smog permeated the air and our bodies. All is almost impossible to avoid and the consequence is that our immune systems are under siege like never before, just as the demands on your GP’s ability to find the needle in your particular haystack!

In addition to its highly accurate diagnostics, CyberScan offers a precise remedial action or disease interception, all with decisive confidence. This important vein of practical reality runs throughout CS.

CyberScan can, for example, identify whether an allergen is the cause of health issues, causing symptoms not directly associated. CS can confirm whether the allergy is the focal point, determining precisely what substance is responsible. Oranges can be allergenic to one person but not another. CS looks into 21 categories of allergens, including fungus, animal hair, dust mites, environmental sources (heavy metals in cosmetics for e.g.), food, parasites, prescription medications, and more. Another example could be individual’s susceptibility to specific bacteria and particularly whether antibiotic will or wont have any effect on the microbes of concern.

CyberScan has proved its efficacy in finding errors in radiological scan results. Traditional/orthodox radiology reporting performance cannot be perfect, and some errors are inevitable thus cause such worry and anxiety to those concerned; it is possible for imaging studies to be inaccurate by not distinguishing between cancerous tissue and non-cancerous tissue. One of our CyberScan clients was wrongly suggested by his GP to have a malignant tumour and recommended to undergo very difficult and potentially damaging spine surgery, whereas CS accurately indicated his abnormal MRI finding as “cavernoma or cavernous malformation”, which is a cluster of abnormal blood vessels, benign condition that usually requires conservative management approach in asymptomatic patients (observation and regular MRI scans). Eventually, our client’s doctors have agreed to “no need for surgery” and “no evidence for malignancy”. Hmmm.

Many patients have similar symptoms but completely different roots. Chronic headaches could be caused by oversensitivity to household chemicals, polluted air or water, old head injury, stress, unresolved mental-emotional issues, inadequate nutrition, leaky gut syndrome, cervical spine degeneration, and even poor choice of pillow or bad sleeping habits. Traditional/orthodox medicine will treat all of these patients with the same pain relief medications, maybe managing symptoms, but never resolving the issue itself. CyberScan can identify the exact cause of your condition and successfully address it over a period of time.

Another growing complaint is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This is a new pandemic of the Western World. Over 85%, maybe more, are never successfully diagnosed. Physicians cannot offer a specific test for CFS, so it’s diagnosed by trying to rule out other conditions that could be causing fatigue symptoms which takes forever (if ever). So people just suffer, and often demand more drugs from their overwhelmed doctors, only to exacerbate their condition (innocently), a hidden price we pay for chemical/ drug (mis)treatment of symptoms. Our CyberScan experience is that in some people the answer would involve a mixture of dopamine or immune deficiency, chronic inflammation, and anxiety/ depression disorder. Other clients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were found to have high sensitivity to certain radio frequencies (electro-smog), fungal invasion, and underlying mitochondrial damage.

This last point concerning “mitochondrial function” is often overlooked because it is so difficult to analyse let alone treat, but this is a most vital aspect of general health: the regeneration and protection of the mitochondrial function, the body’s entire energy generator, for which pills, powders and potions are next to useless. Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions. Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the mitochondria do not produce enough ATP, the cells and you do not have enough energy.

Human cells may house anywhere from 2 to 2,500 mitochondria, depending on tissue type, antioxidant status, and other factors. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the root cause of many diseases, implicated as a major contributing factor for cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, insulin-resistant diabetes, chronic fatigue, premature aging, immunodeficiency, chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) and autoimmune diseases, as well as “mystery illnesses”.

All these conditions are recognised by our cells and their frequency; frequencies that can be identified quickly and with certainty as “good” or “bad”. CyberScan is the fruit of 150 years of abuse and persecution, yet persistent invention, and sheer genius. The fruits of all this is available now to help you live a happier, healthier life … more certainly.