Origins & Pedigree

If there ever was a group of people dedicated to the living benefit of humankind, who lived, died, suffered great privation, were often rewarded with professional abuse, persecution and rejection over the last 150 years, pioneers of “Energy Medicine” would be No. 1. Without an iota of doubt. These people sacrificed everything they cherished, often borrowed money they couldn’t repay, in order to resolve a deep inner sense that there was a better way to overcome the worst threats to the continued health of men, women & children. They succeeded, unrecognised. Few lived long enough to see the fruits of their labours in action, due in large part due to the aggressive hubris of prevailing medical orthodoxy.

During the 1860’s.a gifted Scot, physicist-mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell, established classical electro-magnetism, the electric circuit, & wireless communication among a number of other revelations (Scalar Waves – the most important among them as we will see below). These discoveries proliferated across the Atlantic faster than we could imagine. The genius Dr. eager to meet another was Albert Abrams: Professor of Pathology in San Francisco, Vice President of the California State Medical Society, Neurology, c.1890’s..

By 1916, Albert published “New Concepts in Diagnosis & Treatment” in which he described how “all diseases have their own vibratory rate” which can be measured and treated successfully. Furthermore, Abram’s asserted that any disease could be cured by “transmitting back to the diseased tissue the same subtle vibratory rate the tissue was transmitting”. This would neutralise the abnormal vibrations allowing the tissue to return to healthy vibratory rate, eliminating the disease. These findings mirrored those of the Founder of Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann, fifty years earlier. “Energy Medicine” had arrived.

Abrams entered the 20th Century as pioneer and champion of the subtle energy domain. In 1923 Abrams had 3,500 MD practitioners, but this burst of success provoked the jealous fury of the medical establishment. Rejection of his medical contemporaries led to his untimely death in 1924.

Nicola Tesla

During the same period Nicola Tesla proved a more prolific inventor of medical devices and electro-magnetic applications (Tesla actually invented the technology that today delivers our electrical A/C current), but more importantly promoted the use the use of his Tesla coil devices for healing. He described a truly unique form of radiation analogous to an entirely different wave form, one that which produced broad spectrum emissions which carried unique regenerative resonance within living tissues; a dramatic “cure-all” for people everywhere!.

To demonstrate the extraordinary utility and safety of his discovery Tesla set up a test in Stockholm based around 2 different sets of 50 children. All was exactly similar except that one group had Tesla coils secretly concealed in the walls of their classroom. All pursued regular school-work for 6 months. Under independent monitoring, at the end of the test period, children in the electro-magnetised room showed an increase in stature of 2.5 inches while the second group grew only half as much. Pupils in the treated room showed a healthier weight increase and proportionate physical development. Mentally, children exposed to the “waves” averaged 92% in their school work as opposed to the average of 75% in the other room.

The report continued … the children exposed to the waves were much less subject to fatigue, quickening of faculties as well as powers of endurance. These tests were repeated again in New York City with closely similar results.

Numerous other inventions flowed from this inspired genius, (including the Niagra Falls Hydroelectric system, remote control for TVs, the basis of wireless technology and a myriad of other stuff) but eventually J P Morgan called their loans and Nikola died, used, alone and penniless in a seedy New York hotel in 1943.

At least Nicola lived long enough to observe his Eastern European protégé, Georges Lakhovsky, working with medical professionals in Paris, curing cancer, in the 1930’s. An associate, Dr. Gustave Kolischer on 6.09.1932 addressed the American Congress of Physical Therapy saying: “Tesla’s high frequency electrical currents were bringing about highly beneficial results dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery”.

An unintended consequence resulted from such extraordinary discoveries which fertilised all manner of parapsychology at University & Research levels. Duke University created the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man in 1962 leading to widespread interest in “Physical Physics”, which produced a compendium of the living organic bio-field, the geophysical field, and the effects of various atmospheric influences on the electromagnetic fields on living systems. The foundation for “Energy Medicine” widened and deepened..

Unbeknownst to the wider world, and despite the vitriolic approbation of the medical profession, major governments of the world were planning the first Space Exploration Programme (60’s/70’s). The protection of expensively trained cosmonauts/ astronaut’s from unknown pathogens, which may be encountered in space, was a vital consideration. The best of all aforementioned discoveries were adopted, of course, to form a relatively crude but effective equivalent of the first “CyberScan.”

By the 1980’s it became possible for a small group of private developers from the Black Forest, Germany, to acquire rights to develop and re-sell the equipment to MD’s, GP’s (largely rebuffed in UK) and private individual’s.  Twenty years of extensive development followed improving the core Tesla coils, the German-UK made hardware/ operating systems and especially the creation of the vast diagnostic database of diseases and medical conditions (over 135,000 signal groups) and their remedies. CyberScan was tested, over and over again before finally being launched and re-approved in 2009. Agencies in the Western hemisphere Certified CyberScan for diagnoses & treatment. Due to its fast and extremely accurate diagnostic and treatments prowess proved hugely popular among US MD’s and large clinical groups such as the Mayo Clinic.