The Key Health


  • Improves general health condition
  • Reduces stress, tension and anxiety
  • Regenerative for cells, skin, hair
  • Eliminates certain man made frequencies in the body
  • Increases energy level of every cell to the ideal range
  • Protects your DNA from (further) damage
  • Enhances mental clarity, improves memory
  • Improves nutritional uptake
  • Balances the 2 brain hemispheres
  • Reduces aging process/ regenerative
  • Promotes natural detoxification
  • Increase overall body energy
  • Cleanses the blood
  • Improves mental focus
  • Inhibits uptake of Noradrenaline/ anti-depressant
  • Improves sleep and dream recall
  • Enhances muscle mobility and coordination
  • Reduces alcohol dependency and addictions
  • Restores flow of information within a living system
  • Supports smoothed emotional expression
  • Enhances muscle motility and coordination
  • Promotes Spiritual Maturity
  • Reduces tendency to weight imbalance
  • Facilitates bi-directional communication between nervous & immune systems

Please Note: All of the above presuppose cumulative absorption of scalar wave frequencies over time; effects vary by individual and by degree.

The tab to the left of this one (Origins) reveals massively condensed information about the long, persistent and often painful, development of something that eventually came to be called “Energy” medicine. So, it was not orthodox, it was not drugs related, it did not wish to rely on guess work … So what was so special, what kept so many inspired, cultured, geniuses up at night over a period of 150 years?

Well, its clear that they knew something orthodox sources didn’t, their thought processes were obviously different for, indeed, most committed their entire life, and all the cash they could lay hands on, to their holy grail. As we said, Albert Abram’s understood what he discovered: that ALL tissues and organs possessed a unique frequency, and, especially diseased organs. He also discovered that he could ‘play back’ the frequency to the failing organ to obtain complete relief for his patients. But, his discovery wasn’t as complete as he thought, but he was spot on in his direction.

Meanwhile, Nicola Tesla, was too busy inventing all sorts of electronics to consider the underlying principles of what he was doing; if it worked, great. Tesla had discovered scalar waves and, aside from arguing the toss with Lord Kelvin, Hertz and Einstein, about the accuracy of their own results, they didn’t seem too interested in the deeper properties of scalar; (the proper name for which is: electromagnetic longitudinal waves), and the reason(s) why they worked. All concerned were merely satisfied that scalar did what they did, reached ‘parts,’  producing startling benefits that nothing else could!

After WWII, and the passing of Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife took up the baton continuing the amazing progression. Rife was best known for his ‘beam ray’ invention through, which he treated diseases by “devitalising disease organisms” more powerfully than Abrams (and Tesla). However, he too died in 1971, penniless and embittered by the failure of his devices to garner scientific acceptance, which had freed hundreds of people from deadly disease(s).

In the early 2000’s, as a student of Keylontic Science, a cathartic moment of insight occurred in my own life which led to understanding of what scalar waves are vis a vis “Life”. I kept this to myself until one day some years later I encountered the work of Dr. Prof. Konstantin Meyl and, in short order, CyberScan. Professor Meyl offered the extension I was looking for, briefly put: scalar waves are the means by which molecules communicate, assemble and drive structures in ALL living things. As a consequence DNA generates a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. … Potential vortexes are an essential component of a scalar waves, as discovered in 1990. The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. BINGO!

So, this is what 150 years of searching was all about, a kind of “god-force”, the golden key to life! You yourself know this, but not consciously. Imagine yourself in a tranquil, wooded, Valley. A clean, clear, stream running close by, sun shining. In this place you are awash in the mildest, gentle, scalar waves. You return to the city in which you live. If you compared the difference in the way you feel, if you knew that there is a difference, you would understand why you felt sad, maybe depressed, “contracted” (which is the opposite of “love”). The reason is simple. You were previously bathed in cleansing wholesome energy, feeling really good. Then left for the bricks and rubber of the city. You left the ENERGETIC  driver of nature and ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE!