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CyberScan is ‘space age’ health management at work, now available in the public domain. It is recognised and approved by Health Authorities around the world and used in 27 countries; inc.:
[UK  CE Class IIa TGA ARTG: DV-2012-DA09896-3
and USA​
FDA: HCC  D156965]

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‘What’ CyberScan Does (in a nutshell):

  • Delivers a deep and hyper-detailed diagnostic scan of the whole person, averting human error, & is likened to simultaneous consulting with a dozen medical experts.
  • Identifies all parts of the body that are in some way out of balance, over stressed, infected, dysfunctional, and progressively degenerative…
  • Ranks and prioritises all of the above using patented technologies.
  • Arranges the prescription of a drug free, unique, tailor-made, complex saline solution according to the CyberScan diagnosis/ report.
  • Compensates for ever-increasing anti-biotics failure(s); identifies exactly where resistance lies & addresses  all pathogenic influences.
  • Promotes the harmonization of the whole self: healing, balancing, refreshing, de-stressing; reinvigorating the parts other healing modalities are unlikely to reach.

At the onset of the space programme (1960’s), health sciences were developed that produced “instant” diagnoses and individually tailored organic treatments, ‘on demand,’ for astronauts while ‘on mission’. By the early 90’s the scope of what ‘rocket science’ had successfully initiated began to be expanded to embrace all pathological conditions, illnesses and degenerative diseases. Following years of further development this amazing science was finally introduced to the UK, USA & Canada (2014), following approval by the EC Standards and the USA’s FDA.
This technology is known as “CyberScan.”

As you may imagine, the depth of sight that CyberScan offers is quietly astounding. Not merely because, for instance, a determination can be made about whether a particular bacterium/ bacterial infection is resistant to anti-biotic treatment, but the sensitivity to as yet undetected elements of physical deterioration, or degeneration, at the cellular level is quite unprecedented. This ‘sightedness’ expresses across the entire energetic gamut of life; not merely the Physical/ biological processes, but also the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual (Psyche) from which stress, the source of ALL illness, springs.

This is what effective health management demands today. The unacceptable face of contemporary reality is that we are exposed to poisons at every turn. This is exactly how and where the health-damaging snowball effect begins to roll.

Environmental poisons with carcinogens, polluted air, countless allergens in food we eat and air we breath, tons of sugar in almost every pack or “ready-to-go” food, chemtrails, GMO’s, heavy metals, contaminated water, pathogens, you name it; the pharmaceutical industry is having a ball at our expense!

And the price of survival is: everyday stress, on a scale utterly alien to our grandparents; immune burnout has become commonplace. Day after day our once healthy, youthful bodies with sophisticated defense mechanisms has come under unrelenting attack. Neither can we perceive the insidious build up. The next you know, you have pain here and there, symptoms that come and go, maybe recurrent attacks of allergic rhinitis, coughs, difficulty breathing, swollen joints and feelings that you are 100 years old while still 30 or 40 something.

You begin to see your doctor on a regular basis, and, all too often, your symptoms defy satisfactory, prescriptive, explanation. You try one treatment after another, test after test, but nothing changes except the pills, and antibiotics, prescribed. You may get diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, mysterious fibromyalgia, adrenal exhaustion, MS, Hashimoto’s or any exotic, sympathy inducing social ‘label’ (that has no adequate actual explanation of what’s wrong with you). Having a diagnosis, any diagnosis, can prove to be merely an ineffective palliative, a kind of false hope (one eventually discovers); time passes, frustrations grow, the problem grows slowly worse!

Or, maybe you get ‘lucky’; you fix one symptom but another shows up. This often becomes and endless cycle. And then, before too long, the depression and hopelessness set in, because you are tired of being tired and you want to be you again. You realize options are fast disappearing; you begin to try “treatment(s)” you never supposed you would; “alternative, even “woo woo” stuff, you never dreamt of wasting good money on.

In fact, what has happened is that the perfectly capable, autonomous body function has lost the natural, powerful, ability to maintain balance and normal defense mechanisms. Our immune system, that should be concentrating on looking for “bad cells” is getting tired and confused. New poisons promote bewilderment, even chaos, as they reach deeper into our system; our immune system is unable to recognize these troublesome squatters.

The Immune system simply grows ever weaker, confused to the point that the ‘squatters’ attract more of like kind and serious illness begins to take hold. Nothing seems to work!

Perhaps one is next diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease (which can be difficult to treat). Alternatively, our gastrointestinal tract may well be overloaded with toxins, sugars, poorly digested ingredients, chemical additives, and other “stuff” that we put in without even knowing. Weight gain, constipation, IBS, stomach pain, acid reflux, are just a few, typical, consequences. Where to turn under such seemingly hopeless circumstances?


About one hundred years ago the structure of the atom was discovered, promising the world freedom from war and want.

Clear sighted medico’s thought that this would mean faster, deeper diagnosis, and better treatment of illness and disease … they were way too optimistic. The orthodoxy closed ranks, reputations and vested interests got in the way!

But, the later revelation that atoms ”talked” to each other as they worked to keep the cells of their host body alive and well, served to refresh, as well as increase, expectations.

And so again, hope rose; the code for the “Language of Life, of Health and Longevity” would soon be found, open minded scientists thought. The day was coming when tissues, organs, viruses, bacteria and adverse sources of infection could all be addressed in this uniquely precious, ‘energetic speak’.

Still, no one could find what this energetic language was until the early 1990’s (Dr. Konstantin Meyl). Yet the crude basis for it had been discovered by Nikola Tesla way back in 1893 ..!

Today, we invite you to explore the first instrument ever developed that ‘speaks’ this ‘language’ successfully… and offers the kind of health response that atomic discoveries promised so long ago.

This is Science Fiction become Science Fact …



We understand that your search for health-help is as emotional, stressful, as it is difficult; who do you trust, who do you believe, how do you process unfamiliar information to a “right thing” decision?

CyberScan (CS) is certified in the EU as a “Class IIa Medical Device” which means that it is safe, it is tested, and does what we say here. That is why it is (CE) approved within, and in use across, the entire EU (the USA & Australasia).

The CS is entirely German manufactured and displays the finest example of far sighted German ingenuity and superb workmanship, developed and perfected over 20 years. This scanner is not made in China! You will not find another like it, that does what it does, or as well as what it does.

This is not “alternative something woo hoo new,” it is cutting edge ‘quantum physics’ creating better ways to do medicine, to relieve stress and ill-health, re-balancing the body’s immune system, quickly and reliably; no fuss, no nonsense, no waiting time.

And naturally, the CS carries patents for its scalar wave technology (the ‘Language of Life’) and the algorithms that facilitate everything else.


The question of access to the cells of the body is obviously crucial to continuing healthy function; and precision is everything. If illness is incubating in the body, or is fully present, there will also be a breakdown in local cell communication, a lack of resonance, with a measurable change in frequency(s). This lack of resonance will emanate into the ‘Life Field’ (morphogenetic field) as a very specific frequency, which can be “read.” If it can be read it can, in turn, be informed … provided that the correct language is used.


“Nikola Tesla – first to find scalar waves”

energy sampleALL communication within a physical organism, persons, animals and plants, occurs via scalar waves.

As Dr. Konstantin Meyl, global authority on all things scalar, has found:

“Cells of organic systems communicate to each other by means of magnetic scalar waves, and to establish cell communication resonance is required… ”

Scalar waves are the only means by which the complex information signals necessary to grow a body, keep a body healthy, and heal a body when it’s balance is off (ill), can be delivered and received over time, all the time, any time.

CyberScan is the only product of its kind, currently known to its production team that utilises Scalar Waves in the specific ways that it does; CS ‘speaks’ the ‘Language of Life’.

Therefore, it is the only known product that can:

  • Draw, and ‘read’ information from all of the cells comprising the Life Field for diagnostic analysis, without loss or contamination.
  • Upload complex information signals to the body’s cells/ Immune System for corrective action/ healing, balancing, recovery.


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Once the information has been obtained from the Life Field it is analysed against 130,000+ energetic signal groups. Doing this not only reveals the root cause(s) of current health issues with immense accuracy but the CS prioritises the into a hierarchy of importance. This is accomplished by one of a number of special algorithms created by the revered technology artistes at Princeton University.

Within this process CS can determine whether an Orange is beneficial or whether a particular individual silently reacts to it (experiences orange as an allergen). Another example of this extraordinary degree of diagnostic discrimination is that CS can identify whether a particular bacterium found in a person’s body is resistant (or not) to anti-biotics…



The specially commissioned and patented work by Princeton University (USA) comes to the fore as the medicament, saline plasma solution, is prepared. The medicament contains the CS response to the complete analysis of pathological, physiological, emotional, psyche and stress issues found.


In other words, a completely tailored response to an individual, far reaching, diagnosis conducted in a pristine energetic environment. That is, utilising direct scalar energetic language of the body’s own cells to identify and address the core issues.


ee waterThis integrated approach is further combined with a plethora of immune system supports, as analysis dictates; energetic signatures of flower essences for example, Chinese herbals and Ayurvedic medicines, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, etc. Each medicament usually contains stimulation to effect Detox. Carefully, and using supports, drainage is induced, clearing elements of heavy metals, electro-smog and other environmental pathogens as appropriate to the client condition (effects of vaccines, pesticides, fertilisers). All of these elements are processed by yet another Princeton algorithm to create one compound energetic signal (which most all energy therapies say they can do but actually cannot do). Once CS has internally prepared this compound signal it is transferred by scalar wave technology (through the Tesla Coils). Thus the ‘remedy’ appears as an energetic imprint in the specially pre-prepared saline solution (closely matched to the water in our body), which the client afterward consumes each day.


Hard to grasp, I know … but, please believe me when I say “it works;” in fact, the greater truth is that every living thing works this way!


MichaelMichael Deane, M.Sc.,
Certified & Licensed International Practitioner

Member: British Complementary Medicine Association
Diplomat: Pastoral Science & Medicine USA

Working with CyberScan is as easy as it simple, and the CyberScan response reflects this; direct, online, independent of time and distance. Step into a more optimistic future. Begin an initial consultation HERE.