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What CyberScan Is and Does – A Simple Summary:

Using scientific discoveries first developed for International Space programs, the further developed technology called CyberScan delivers a deep and hyper-detailed diagnostic scan of the whole person, which forms the basis for a personally designed, all-in-one, organic treatment.

This cutting-edge science averts human error, although it is likened to simultaneous consultation with a dozen medical experts.

Scans are obtained from client DNA (hair sample) which produces information that speaks directly to the cells, cell groups and organs representing the client Life Field. In this way, all sources of the root cause of the stress induced disease/ illness can be addressed successfully. This presupposes the involvement of the Emotional, Mental, Biological and Psyche. Each of these body’s are accorded different weight, generated by specific findings obtained from the clients’ DNA messaging. This then directs creation of each particular tailor made treatment used to address all key parts of the body that are out of balance, over stressed, infected, dysfunctional (immune system), and progressively degenerative…

Patented algorithms rank and prioritise findings. This produces a unique, drug free, personally tailored treatment according to the DNA scan analysis. It is in this new, unprecedented way, that CyberScan uniquely promotes the harmonization of the whole self: healing, balancing, refreshing, de-stressing, reinvigorating and regenerating the body parts all other healing modalities have failed to reach. There is no known case which CyberScan has failed to identify and, given time, provide full remediation.

Hi Michael, thanks for doing the extra scan. i’ve found it very useful, bringing clarity to some things I was unaware of. Truly invaluable.


So good to say my digestion is 100% better. I no longer have trouble eating and keeping food down, which is a massive relief.

D.R. Yorkshire, UK

Does it sound familiar to you to have symptoms your Doctor (and other sources) cannot satisfactorily explain? Have you suffered the effects of traditional treatment  with no benefit at all? But, how can anyone hope to fix something if there is no real certainty about what is broken? Here’s where all that misery and frustration finally disappears!

While not widely acknowledged publicly, the cascade of professional understanding, has now begun to acknowledge that conventional medicine is only helpful for about 10% of health relief (exceptions being trauma and acute crises, like infections). That’s has become an accepted FACT of life in todays challenging environment. Furthermore, research has shown that upwards of 90% of all diseases are not genetically founded (as once thought). That’s also FACT. Instead, disease is now understood to be a response to environmental factors like high stress levels, toxic pollutants, suppressed emotions, even how we perceive our living circumstances; all illness IS stress driven (dis-ease).

A recent International Medical Conference in the USA (H.E.A.L), concerned with the lack of progress in dealing with epidemic health issues, once again reasserted that almost 80% of traits present in ALL cases of chronic or mystery illness were either, and/ or: Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Therefore, and inescapably, only 20% of traits were expressed as somatic (physical). Those are FACTS at the cutting edge of medical science. And further, Conference noted that more and more symptoms, expressed physically, were caused by environmental chemicals and toxic substances entering the body through foods, water and air. A statement of FACT as well as neglect of the world we live in!

All of this was foreseen by a group of prescient German engineers, developers of CyberScan, who foresaw the impending epidemic; they set to work in the late 1990s.
It is no surprise, given the wave of new insight and understanding hinted at above, that “medicine” is struggling to leave the old world; the world of sacs of tissue, bodily fluids, hormones and such. Embracing the new found reality where the conditions of ill health are not what one thought, is not easy in a world of vested interest. This is a new world, one comprised by new understandings, new kinds of pathogen, new electro-magnetic signals and molecular signaling, where a bad mood, headache or allergic reaction corresponds to a simple, measurable state. But how to get hands on it, that’s the continuing problem; until recently, that is.

When something starts to go haywire within the body, measurable changes are signaled. Changes in electro-magnetic relevant frequencies can be measured, recorded, understood. This is a direct manifestation of a biological S.O.S and denotes a hidden process which is a FACT of biophysics.

CyberScan is a new and extremely intelligent technology; a unique ally of increasingly beleaguered immune systems everywhere. The device itself is analogous to a miniature MRI scanner. The technology works by deriving a deep and revealing ‘picture’ of a client’s “life field” (morphogenetic field) and everything in it. This exploration is made possible by the now accepted principle that our bodies are comprised by and communicate with electro-magnetic signals or frequencies. That is also FACT.

A constant flow of information that equates to moods, discomfort and disease, CyberScan sees everything that is shoving the body out of balance and into illness. So, we make the CyberScan work on a ‘search and rescue’ basis, identifying distortions in the inner bodies signaling (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical). And, all of this is can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home simply by sending a hair sample to me once every 2 months.

This supports the creation of an amazingly thorough diagnosis the like of which exceeds human capability. Eventually, the information is converted readily from the language of electro-magnetics to common English and printed out.

At the appropriate point, this, in turn, is translated into a treatment of ‘scalar speak;’ the base language of the body’s atoms, cells and molecules. This is used to communicate (information transfer) and directly stimulate your immune system into activated and, therefore, effective involvement. This is accomplished by virtue of “eeWater” which carries the returning communication/ information via a compound, complex, super-signal arranged by the algorithms contained within CyberScan. “eeWater” is simply tested, sterile isotonic solution, aka “structured water”; virtually the same as that which circulates in the human body.

So, CyberScan can be thought of, and not at all improperly, as a lifeboat for the crucial confrontation between human kind and an increasingly stress-polluted environment. And, especially, for those who suffer the uncommon health issues that this confrontation brings.

It is a commonly understood (another fact) that “environmental pollution” is gradually poisoning people everywhere, and at an ever increasing rate. This, in part, is due to the fact that the offending substances are invariably complex chemicals, or pathogenic offshoots, that cannot be seen/ identified by human immune systems. Therefore, our bodies are progressively less protected, anti-biotics no longer afford remedy, immune systems more often provide sluggish response. The consequence being that we feel ill more often, and by progressively longer spells and to a gradually more serious degree.

This impending “epidemic” was recognized by a team of European specialists when they first began the journey to perfect the “CyberScan” over 20 years ago. This unprecedented, unique and patented, device is now available to be put to work for you, to control poisons, pathogens and neurotoxins in the Battle for Continuing Life, Health and Personal Balance. That’s another fact.

MichaelMichael Deane, M.Sc.,
Certified & Licensed International Practitioner

Member: British Complementary Medicine Association
Diplomat: Pastoral Science & Medicine USA

Working with CyberScan is as easy as it is simple, and the CyberScan response reflects this; direct, online, independent of time and distance. Step into a more optimistic future. Begin an initial consultation HERE.

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