A Revelation in Medical Science


Available: UK, USA, EU & Canada

Hello and welcome to the domain of the most advanced health technology, anywhere in the world. CyberScan (CS) is the certain source of remediation for chronic or mystery illness … anywhere. Because, at its root lies a little known, but critically important, truth to all illnesses. A truth which has cost the lives of genius pioneers’ (e.g. Tesla, Abrams, Rife …), at the hands of the peddlers of pills, powders and potions, in the pursuit of profit.

This veil of illegitimacy was lifted during the age of the space programme. Extreme measures were justified to protect the immense investment in ‘man and machine’ and, as a result, the collaboration of USA-USSR developed the first ‘magic health machine’ for astronauts. CyberScan was born of this development, but only after many years of development and testing that eventually won the recognition of government health authorities around the world.

So, today, you are offered the most advanced, comprehensive, and detailed diagnostic ‘muscle’ ever created. This is coupled with a profound and integrated array of organic treatments that surpass all known pharmaceutical treatments, alternate modalities, and individual therapies. And all because authorities once vehemently opposed what our ancestors knew as truth!

Health? Its now “Natural Law” versus “Manipulated Truth.”

Personally, I find it unconscionable that people will manipulate ‘truth’ for gain at the expense of their fellow man. This is worse than anything I can think of because it denies natural order, the essence of life itself. It’s not just about money after all. It’s about suppressing knowledge that contains great significance and leads to deeper meaning to everyone.

These laws determine the existence and function of all matter, and certainly sentient life; how we are constructed, how our bodies work (health) and how they fail (dis-ease). These same laws embrace everything, of course. The Universe, planets, stars, us, our Earth, our pets, trees, the foods we eat; everything. The “glue” that holds all that stuff together is the very ‘glue’ that binds every atom, cell, molecule into full functionality while we remain in good health.

It is the entire quality of interaction and communication between our atoms, cells, and molecules (or the lack) which determines the level of health and happiness we experience.

The name science gives this ‘glue’ is electromagnetism (coupled with scalar waves). When the glue ceases to do its job, cells lose functionality and most of known health issues can be considered a disease of inter-cell behavior. Every cell in our body is a mini-battery with the average cell membrane potential of 70 mV when healthy; diminished cellular voltage has a direct correlation to disease and sickness. Cell polarity is a fundamental and universal feature implicated in differentiation, proliferation, and morphogenesis of almost all cells and plays critical role in cell function. When cells are overwhelmed by numerous pathogens, they lose polarity; communication with other healthy cells breaks down, and disease develops, including developmental disorders and cancer with high risk of metastasis.

This FACT is the origin of EVERY illness or disease!

That fact alone provided the determination and dedication of the small, expert, development team of German engineers. They worked assiduously for more than 20 years to meet what they know was coming: an epidemic arising from the loss of efficacy in antibiotic response and the rapidly growing complexity and proliferation of environmental pathogens born of land, sea, sky and soil.

Eventually a vast database was compiled, representing an infinite array of signal groups that would match the cellular frequency of the human organism (domestic pets were included). By virtue of this, the means to address cells at local level, to identify where cells were compromised, and the potential to restore the all-important cellular communication was fully established. At the same time, a database which contained all known, as well as anticipated pathogens, was created for the destruction of infections and contamination.

To illustrate the quality, depth and precision of CyberScan at work, some examples are:

  • Can determine whether (and which exactly) specific substance triggers allergic reactions
  • Can distinguish between suspected malignancy and benign tumors
  • Can determine validity of existing diagnoses with similar symptoms
  • Can identify the origin and cause of stress, depression and anxiety
  • Can treat and protect from various viral, bacterial and fungal infections

More generally, all people suffer some degree of degeneration arising from oxidative stress, whether they are immediately aware of it or not. Certainly, oxidative damages contribute to chronic disease due to impairment of cellular performance which arises from or is related to mitochondrial function. CyberScan, again, can reach to the deepest level necessary to produce positive results. In the case of mitochondrial issues key factors include: chronic inflammation, deficiencies in amino acids, industrial toxins, heavy metals, stress, electrical smog, etc.

Human cells may house anywhere from 2 to 2,500 mitochondria, depending on tissue type, antioxidant status, and other factors. They govern almost all metabolic activity, energy performance and detoxification processes playing a central role in health and recovery from the lack of it. When mitochondrial function is impaired, cells do not have enough energy to power important biochemical reactions which becomes a major contributing factor for numerous health issues such as premature aging, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiovascular disease, immune deficiency, neurodegenerative conditions, and much more.

Perhaps you can understand why Doctors are leaving practice in their droves. Their world demands from them the impossible, satisfaction is improbable, patient care has become unmanageable. The common reality is that multiple conditions eventually come into play to the extent that a single label diagnosis becomes meaningless, leading all and anyone down the path of expense, frustration, and disillusion; “no one knows what’s wrong with me” syndrome. In addition, there has been a high increase in mystery symptoms: chronic fatigue and tiredness, unexplainable heart palpitations, brain fog, tremors, tingling in the hands or feet, muscle aches, and so on, all unified under blurry diagnosis “Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)”, accounting for up to 45% of all GP appointments and half of all new visits to hospital clinics in the UK. And not the Doctors fault at all!

A Simplified Recap

  • We have been abused, mislead by “Big Pharma” into the supposition that chemical pills and potions are natural, can repair damage to our bodies and, most especially, are the only valid response to illness. In contrast, a certain, vital, truth & the means to utilize it, has been disparaged or denied.
  • Abundant evidence nowadays exists to show that the above is incorrect as well as being potentially harmful. All sentient life exists by virtue of electromagnetic signals/ frequencies/ signatures (coupled with scalar waves).
  • Health and well being, or lack of it, is entirely to do with cellular health and inter-cellular function, frequency, and therefore cellular communication.
  • Pathogens, bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals, atmospheric pollution, water contamination, electrosmog, GMO foods, and more, overwhelm our cells to an increasing and epidemic extent today.
  • Therefore, the stability of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Psychic body is substantially disrupted and people become unwell more often, more frequently and for longer periods.
  • CyberScan has been developed to meet all needs inherent to the above. Ot offers super-sensitive diagnostic capabilities and is intrinsically designed to embody every effective, organic, non-invasive treatment for tailor-made personal remediation.
  • Therefore, CyberScan will support the body without any adverse side effects; speed up recovery from existing illness, injury or surgery; reduce stress & promote healthy sleep; help to fight pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites & fungi; reduce pain & inflammation; support & revitalize cells and cell function.
  • The CS is approved for use & operates in the UK, EU, USA and Canada.
  • CS diagnostic process is done remotely by using client’s small lock of hair or piece of fingernail.
  • The CS diagnoses, analyses, structures and, if necessary, prioritises all diagnostic data. Treatment follows accordingly and is supplied in a propriety sterile saline solution.
  • All personal contact is maintained by Skype or email.

Here, at CyberScan UK-International we are dedicated to your health, and do nothing but specialize in the use of CyberScan for that purpose; we have no other axe to grind. We will do our utmost to bring you the change you desire and the health you deserve. We will put you first, profits last, as we will fight for your health together.

Michael Deane, M.Sc.,     

Lifetime specialist in Health & Healing,
including Spiritual Well-being matters.
Fully Certified CyberScan Technician.

Olya Deane, M.D.

Paediatrician Haematologist/Oncologist
Medical Counsellor-Women’s Issues
Spiritual Health Guidance