“Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all,
a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception,
and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.”

Nikola Tesla

The ‘Home page’ necessarily addresses the mechanistic qualities and features of CyberScan (CS) as if we are talking rocket science, or quantum physics. We are, but understandably, this is too much “rocket science” for those who would cherish the answer to the question: “but does the damned thing deliver passengers safely to the moons’ surface (… on time being a plus)?”

This is analogous to CS. The corresponding question being: “but does the damned thing deliver improvements to a person’s health and well-being (and, specifically, through and by influence on “immune system balance)?”

Should this balancing be informed by knowledge of the disgraceful flood of poisons/ pathogens which have entered the global environment during the past 25-30 years, the basic question could be extend with: “because in today’s world such an accomplishment would be no mean feat!”

So, it is easier to understand that CS doesn’t work like taking an aspirin, something that works in an hour, or an antibiotic which works in a few days. Both simply resolve symptoms of something else. What we are talking about are pathogens, toxins and the particularly hideous variant “neurotoxins.” Very nasty substances like: Vaccine adjuvants, Glyphosate (Pesticides), Bisphenol A, PCB’s, Aluminium, Mercury & Fluoride, Formaldehyde (fracking) and Electrosmog (Cell phones, broad band, HAARP + other EMF’s), and Airborne Nanoparticles (RSO’s).

All of these that get into the body unseen, like a squatter occupying a building surreptitiously, acquiring “rights” to be “in residence” unbeknownst to the security personnel (the immune system), and with the tacit approval of the owner.

Glyphosate (“Roundup”), the squatter in this instance, anchors its ownership of the property over time; biologically equivalent to creating “Leaky gut syndrome”[1] which is what eating Roundup treated foods (and drinks) does. Leaky guts lead to microbial migration, into the blood stream which in turn introduces problems to the blood brain barrier. Eventually the Central Nervous System becomes exposed to an increasingly agitated Immune System condition, in which the microglial (glial cells are the first and main phase of defence) become severely over activated, tricked into becoming destructive[2].

The gravity of this epidemic of toxins and neurotoxins in our environment can be further illustrated by the explosive rise in Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder. This condition has reached appalling levels, utterly unprecedented, as more and more mothers give birth to such children. This reflects the presence of damaged DNA[3] in both mother (or older father) and an autistic child. The predominant culprit for this is Glyphosate (Roundup) which, unknowingly, we eat and drink daily.

The relationship between Roundup and Autism, measured by the “Pearson Correlation” rose to very nearly the maximum of 1 (to 0.99), between 1990 and 2010. This measure represented the number of children with Autism, 6-21 years of age, plotted v corn and soy ONLY.

The same US expert, Dr Stephanie Seneff, has referred to the likelihood of 1 in 2 children born from 2025 are likely to be autistic …

See: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/10/mit-researchers-new-warning-todays-rate-half-u-s-children-will-autistic-2025.html

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Dr. Russell Blakelock  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QBcMYqlaDs

This serves to reflect the essential fact that the immune system is a super-sensitive, extremely delicate mechanism; an over-activated or underactivated immune system causes problems, often big autoimmune problems.

But whilst we are permitted the privilege of thinking that the immune is working miracles, we are certainly taking the immune system for granted, so much and so badly, that we willingly (unconsciously?) do things that exacerbate the effects of the toxins being poured into us via environmental poison’s with yet more toxins.

The immune system was not designed for, and cannot possibly cope with, with this level of abuse, albeit innocent. Preventive maintenance is a must, especially today!

So now you can understand a little better why the sensitivity of the CS was mentioned in the Home page narrative; about how CS can distinguish between an orange as a nutrient for one person but can identify the same orange as an allergen in the case of another.

Or, how the CS can distinguish whether a bacterium is resistant to anti-biotics or whether it is not.

balancingOr why it is so important to make a point about how the complex of balancing signals are prepared by the Princeton algorithm before transfer to the plasma solution (eeWater) using scalar wave technology. To the best of our knowledge all other similar devices create energy signals using 3D printing systems. These transfer sequentially, meaning, that only the last signal is transferred. By this systematic definition, they cannot possibly cope with the complex demands of something as super sensitive as an immune system. Their owners are invariably are ignorant of this!

Balance here should be considered as being caused by less than the weight of a grain of sand, not a pound of antibiotics …

To someone susceptible to a neurodegenerative illness (or condition) this is crucial to any degree of arrest or improvement, any idea of recovery, or even to produce one more precious smile in a day.

It is plainly stated, particularly in the USA where “¾ of a TRILLION $$$ each year” is spent on Chronic issues: Autoimmune disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Crohns, ‘Fibromyalgia’ , Autism, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, MS, ADHD, Cardiovascular disease, Dementia, Parkinsons, et al[4].

The rates of all such diseases are increasing, not falling (almost everywhere except under- developed economies where diets are necessarily simple … and more organic!).

So, it follows that if the world is spending masses of money to control the issues, and yet the problems are increasing, that means that the true causes of these problems are simply not being addressed; the idea that any improvements are occurring is just a callous joke.

The developers of CyberScan were acutely aware of the impending “epidemic” caused by this escalation. So, inherent to the design function of CS the means to bring poisons, pathogens and neurotoxins to the explicit attention of the immune system was created, in much the same way an independent witness sees, and photographs, the squatter(s) furtively entering a building (biology) unbeknownst to security (immune system).

In effect, this analogy speaks to the way in which CS employs the patented scalar wave technology to simulate photographic evidence of the ‘intruder(s)’, bringing this identification as cellular information to the Immune System via the embedded complex energetic signal in the carrier solution (eeWater).

In this way for example, and in particular respect to neurotoxins, calibration or balance of the microglial response would eventually be achieved via the compound signals conveyed to the eeWater, bound for the body of the client.

cyberscan3Furthermore, this “balancing response” would naturally include a very comprehensive, potent yet gentle, detoxification/ drainage component to ensure progressive removal of related detritus and, ultimately, the cleansing of the body.

While, meantime, any complications from continued exposure to electrosmog and geopathic stress are blocked by the CS eeCard (provided to every client – effective for up to 2 years).

In all, CS is simply the most comprehensive, effective, response to a growing health threat of great concern to everyone.

Most consultations are conducted remotely, by telephone and / or Skype, using hair sample(s), without loss or compromise of anything.

[1] Leaky gut syndrome, incidentally, is a hypothetically untreatable and medically unrecognized condition (as are the links between numerous other neurotoxins and ill health).

[2][2] It doesn’t necessarily end there, for there are a number of synergistic potentials with other neurotoxic elements. See “http://kinseimindbody.com/synergistic-destruction-how-vaccines-and-gmos–converge … under this Tab.

[3] Research conducted by the Max Plank Research Institute, Liepzig, Germany found that micro-organimsms swathed in scalar waves increase the RAD-6 gene activity which codes for proteins responsible for DNA repair.

[4] Under this Tab is a selection of links to detailed, convincing, as well as extremely disconcerting articles viewed from different perspectives regarding these toxins, including a non-commital EU-World Health Organisation paper.