We Are Unique


The human body is made up of billions of highly specialized cells. The information stored in the cells as well as the interaction of cells in the body is unique in every person. This is why no two people are the same, and the reason why using the same methods to treat similar types of diseases or health problems does not always produce the best results (or even little result at all!). So when you feel ill, have no energy, feel exhausted or just not “fit for purpose”, it is very likely to be caused by imbalances in your body.

Orthodox medicine believed for a long time that a human being consists solely of tissue, body fluids, chemicals, enzymes, hormones, etc. However, nowadays it is an indisputable fact (though not necessarily the orthodox view – yet) that all essential functions in our body are controlled by electromagnetic signals (EM-signals), necessarily coupled with Scalar Waves (S-EM’s). Hormones, enzymes, etc. act as triggers for these S-EMsignals. Our body’s own entire electromagnetic system is very complex. Minute disruptions are sufficient to disturb our health and well-being for a long time.

In principle, our methods are similar to those of a detective, as demonstrated by the following example: Imagine that your body is a large block of apartments. The “doorman” (your immune system) is there to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building. Nevertheless, unwanted visitors manage to sneak in every now and then, causing the doorman to run around after the intruders. However, he is not always able to find and expel them, many are unrecognizable to him. This is also known as the “one-day flu”. With the help of our library of 122,000+ informational signals groups[1], we now show the doorman ‘pictures’ that will lead to the balancing of the body’s energetic fields/ immune system.

All the functions of the human body are driven or activated by electromagnetic signals (S-EM signals, also referred to as “life energy”). A person’s “body chemistry” (hormones, enzymes etc.) merely triggers these S-EM signals. This also explains why environmental influences are capable of disturbing our “body morphogenetic system” so rapidly.

The effects of interference fields, mostly very nasty neurotoxins from different sources within our environment, could be harmful for the body’s internal electrical system.

Examples of such interference fields are:

Electrical appliances and lighting, microwaves from microwave ovens and mobile phones, radio waves from radio and television, geopathic stress such as negative earth radiation, radon emission, chemicals and pesticides, heavy metals, dental materials, food additives, magnetic blankets and bracelets, electric blankets etc.

As well as inducing unpleasant and disturbing symptoms, these external influences are likewise capable of causing all kinds of diseases, such as: infectious diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, teeth decay, chronic fatigue, skin diseases, metabolic disorders except for hereditary enzyme defects.

Disorders caused by hazardous substances (such as chemicals, pesticides, metals, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi, environmental toxins etc.), can cause chronic and degenerative illnesses. Many experts believe that these diseases are not consequences of a “weak” immune system, but are rather due to the fact that the immune system is “irritated” by these external influences, and is therefore unable to detect damaging influences early enough or at all.

The result is someone who is constantly ill, perpetually confronted with supposedly “new” illnesses, and eventually succumbs to chronic and, ultimately, a degenerative condition. Eliminating these kinds of imbalances in the body’s morphogenetic system is astoundingly similar to fine-tuning a highly complex computer or racing car. The finer the tuning, the better the performance.

CyberScan uses state-of-the-art technology, which is consistent with all the laws of physics and, in particular, can be explained by quantum physics. The purpose of CyberScan, therefore, is to diagnose and treat every client as unique, similar but different, person on a highly personalised level, with specific balancing processes.

[1] Mathematically these correspond to a near infinite array of candidate signals frequencies,

Our Life Field


Morphogenetic Field Re-patterning is the most organic form of self-healing, for it is based upon the Laws of Transharmonic Physics and scalar waves, the fabric of creation (our multidimensional universe)[1]. Morphogenetic comes from the word “morphogenesis” (from the Greek word “morphê ” for “shape” and genesis for creation: beginning of the shape). These form-holding fields are the organic imprints for “All Life, Everywhere;” aka the Divine Blueprint(s). Scalar waves are not only the essential connection between the cosmos/ consciousness and matter, but every critical function, between every cell, within every organic life form.

A scalar wave is a transharmonic, standing wave, array that radiates out of a static point of sound-light vibration within the Morphogenetic Field of the Greater Cosmic Unified Field of consciousness (as energy & information). While scalar waves appear to move from place to place, in actuality, they are fixed points of light-sound, sequentially threaded together within the cosmic fabric of the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves/ fields are not constrained by distance, nor limited by time; they can penetrate any form of matter, travel beyond the speed of light and account for what quantum physics terms “Quantum Entanglement” (which is why diagnosis without a sample, beyond the first one, is perfectly possible!).

The expression of the scalar wave movement is created through the sequential “flashing on” (light) and “flashing off” (sound) of scalar wave points, which emanate the effect of a flashing linear series of light bulbs. Imagine a row of a synchronized series of flashing light bulbs that appears as if the light moves from one point in the row to another. Scalar waves represent static points of eternal fission-fusion that radiate from the fabric of the morphogenetic field. Thus, scalar waves are vertical points comprised of conscious energy; consciousness itself, permeating everything.

Morphogenetic Fields are composed of conscious sound and light matrices, that function as cosmic blueprints, upon which consciousness manifests and materialises into matter. All forms of consciousness and matter hold a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint consisting of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance arranged in specific frequency patterns. This is the “Divine Blueprint” for cosmic, galactic, solar, planetary and human-animal life forms.

Simply put, Morphogenetic Fields are Scalar Fields consisting of interwoven patterns of consciousness, as energy, as information, as raw accessible “potential” that expresses and forms vertical scalar waves.  Every single atom, cell, molecule, organ, & organ system in our physical body, is encompassed and surrounded by its’ own individual morphogenetic field encryption pattern.

In order to create a change within any part of our body, we must be able to connect, communicate and re-program the morphogenetic field encryption pattern of our immune system and the relevant cells/ cell group(s). By utilising the inherent qualities and consciousness of scalar waves to communicate with the immune system, a revolutionary shift in health and wellness is attainable. That is now well within the grasp of all humanity.

[1] See Rupert Sheldrakes’ books, the UK’s global expert on morphogenetics: (i) “Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation”, and (ii) “A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance.”