“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.”

Nikola Tesla


Sanghai1, S., Kadam2, V. & Shinde, S. (2014) A REVIEW ON HEALTH BENEFITS OF SCALAR ENERGY. IAJPR, 4 (1), 491-494.


Scalar energy was first discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century, and proven by Nikola Tesla, the existence of Scalar energy is also acknowledged by Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, found that scalar energy un-clumps and activates living cells. Cellular energy and body energy level increases by use of scalar energy. For every cell to function normally it requires energy of 70-90 millivolt and we can verify this by using a spectrogram. Scalar energy can protect our DNA from damage, and improve cell wall permeability. Scalar waves prevent the uptake of noradrenaline by PC-12 nerve cells, reduces inflammation, promotes un-clumping of cells, improves circulation, improves immune and endocrine systems. They also have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria, enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification. Scalar energy has great importance in human health, and wide scope for establishing a new era in the pharmaceutical life.

Sanghai S, Kadam V, Shinde S. A REVIEW ON HEALTH BENEFITS OF SCALAR ENERGY. www.scopemed.org/?mno=152482 [Access: January 12, 2016].

The unique, all embracing, benefit of CyberScan (CS) has been introduced in the main text on the Home page. That is: the ability to analyse hundreds of thousands of the body’s cellular signals, determine what is irregular, compute and create a hierarchy of symptoms, prioritise them and dispense a response as a scalar (cellular communications) signal with complete instructions for immune system response, into an inert saline solution (eeWater – Ingestion is imperative to absorption).

However, as we often tend to ask: “Am I getting my message across, am I communicating clearly?” – this seems to be the agreed principle of healthy relationships, between working parts and people, in so many areas of life.

In this sense it is the CS’s patented improvement on Nikola Tesla’s Scalar Coils which makes the world of difference to the delivery quality of CS since, as Dr. Konstantin Meyl has stated:

“ … scalar waves that drive cellular communication of all organic systems.”
(i.e. in Mind, Body & Spirit).

This is the third point in the Trinity; of Electricity, Magnetism and Scalar. The latter is the plus-critical part, and the missing part, for over 100 years. This is exactly what frustrated the many pioneers and renegades who tried (with quite some success) to make “electromagnetic frequencies” the panacea for diagnosis and drug free medication since the time of the First World War.

See: http://www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/OtherBioelectronics/AlbertAbrams.htm

Expressed simply, this breakthrough revealed, for the first time during the 1920’s, the electro-magnetic characteristics of bodily organs. But only limited success ensued at that time, exposing the missing overlay of a “functional language.” This was applied much later (Scalar). Dr Konstantin Meyl finally moved the work of mathematical genius James C Maxwell (1831-1879) and then Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) forward after an almost 100 year lag.

As yet scalar waves/ fields are regarded as somewhat awe inspiring, mystical. It is known in the world of quantum physics that these form the basis of “non-linear” reality, unbound by the limitations of 3D life, not limited by time and space (cannot decay), and function in a self-referencing and self-generating fashion. What’s more, the world of scalar waves is unbounded and is not limited by physical matter (passes through everything – including Faraday cages).

Biological processes, the world of complex systems, are “non-linear,” are susceptible to scalar. When a body, a field of electromagnetic signals (which is what our body actually is) enters a scalar field the electromagnetic field becomes excited. This causes stimulation of the mind/ body/ spirit complex laying a super-receptive, natural, foundation within the DNA (and Immune System) for the information signaling that the CyberScan produces in and through the eeWater.

In this way it is perhaps easier to understand how the causal specifics of Autism (or Alzheimer’s) can be addressed; how once, say, Glyphosate, Mercury and Aluminium nano-particles are identified by CS as causal elements of these conditions (along with Mitochondria disorders), that the biological system can be primed to receive, and detoxification can proceed, most effectively. Or, similarly, that the brain, brain chemistry, and neurotransmitter balances that create the conditions for dependency (alcohol and other drugs), can be readily accessed and rebalanced over a relatively short time span.

“Disease cannot flourish in a scalar wave environment…”
Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega

CyberScan technologies, together with its embodied Scalar Wave capabilities, have brought relief and/or recovery to a range of known, specific, illnesses: from Autism, ADHD & ADD to MS & Dementia; from Tinnitus to IBS; from Colitis to Parasites & Worms; from Pesticides/ Electrosmog/ Heavy Metals Detoxification to Asthma; Hypothyroidism to Leukemia; Menopause to Muscular Dystrophy and many more health issues as you care to imagine …

However, greater joy is reserved for those people who cannot find relief in the National Health Service. These people are those most likely to suffer repeated false dawns that New Age therapies invariably deliver. Providing release from unknown, and therefore “untreatable,” illnesses is what CyberScan practitioners, the world over, take great pride in doing … and do!

CyberScan – Scalar Waves Benefits Common to All

  1. Improves general health condition
  2. Reduces stress, tension and anxiety
  3. Regenerative for cells, skin, hair
  4. Eliminates certain man made frequencies in the body
  5. Increases energy level of every cell to the ideal range
  6. Protects your DNA from (further) damage
  7. Enhances mental clarity, improves memory
  8. Improves nutritional uptake
  9. Balances the 2 brain hemispheres
  10. Reduces aging process/ regenerative
  11. Promotes natural detoxification
  12. Increase overall body energy
  1. Cleanses the blood
  2. Improves mental focus
  3. Inhibits uptake of Noradrenaline/ anti-depressant
  4. Improves sleep and dream recall
  5. Enhances muscle mobility and coordination
  6. Reduces alcohol dependency and addictions
  7. Restores flow of information within a living system
  8. Supports smoothed emotional expression
  9. Enhances muscle motility and coordination
  10. Promotes Spiritual Maturity
  11. Reduces tendency to weight imbalance
  12. Facilitates bi-directional communication between nervous & immune systems

Please Note: All of the above presuppose cumulative absorption of scalar wave frequencies over time; effects vary by individual and by degree.