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Michael Deane, M.Sc.,
Certified & Licensed
International Practitioner

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Please use the email panel below right for all initial contact (alternatively use the direct line shown above). Once personal needs are understood you will be invited to supply a very small sample of hair for detailed diagnosis. There is no need for your physical presence; where you live doesn’t matter at all. This new science can and does determine what is or is not going on within the entire person, through just a few strands of hair. Incredible but true!

After diagnostics a personally tailored, organic treatment, will be posted first class including simple instructions and report commentary. This is done at 2 weekly intervals. Each cycle is based on a “Re-Scan”, an update of the Master Scan Diagnosis. In this way, your treatment remains sharply focused as well as continuously refined, as we work toward the root of the issue(s).

There is a once-off cost of commissioning, diagnosis and diagnostic analysis. This will be agreed during initial discussions according to complexity/ work input. However, this amount will not exceed £90. Each two weekly supply of treatment will vary according to the likely duration. This will never exceed £60 per.

This approach enables a healthier and desirable client relationship reflecting our attitude to healing. “People Before Profit” is a statement of the egalitarian principle of supernatural provenance ‘scalar wave’ technology brings to the process of ‘whole person’ healing & therefore a healed World. (Warning: Amongst the multitude of characteristics that CyberScan detects, it  will highlight insincerity and lack of genuine will to wellness which will be reflected back).

Payment in BitCoin/ Litecoin Welcome  

[Genuine hardship cases, Children/ U16’s & pets,
ALL fees can be reduced by < 33%].


Truly Remarkable Energy Medicine




  • Delivers a deep and hyper-detailed diagnostic scan of the whole person, averting human error.
  • Identifies all parts of the body that are in some way out of balance, over stressed, infected, dysfunctional, and progressively degenerative…
  • Ranks and prioritises all of the above using patented technologies.
  • Arranges the prescription of an organic, drug free, tailor-made saline solution according to the CyberScan diagnosis.
  • Promotes the harmonization of the whole self: healing, balancing, refreshing, de-stressing. Renewing and reinvigorating the ‘body parts’ other healing modalities are unlikely to reach…

CyberScan is not subsidized by NHS

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