ee water

Protection Lasts for 2 years

To effectively and sustainably address the organisms (cells) of the body/ immune system, the quality of the carrier is critical. To convey the selected energetic information presupposes a pristine environment all the way through the process, otherwise contamination can be introduced this is nowhere more true that in the selection of the carrier vehicle. Indeed, very few media are found to offer optimal characterisitcs as a biological-energetic carrier substance.

Storing transmitted information or even electromagnetic information – using scalar waves – requires a water component in the carrier substance.  Hence, solids – such as globules – are not considered in energy medicine, since the energetic information cannot be stored completely and permanently.  This topic has been extensively studied and described by the “Laboratoire De Biologie Numérique” in Clamart, France under the guidance of the late Dr. Jacques Benveniste.

Exhaustive tests have been conducted of different carriers, during the course of CyberScan’s development. It has been established that a pure carrier fluid (more than 90% water content) is best suited for storing energy information, and delivering the most potent and effective treatment.

Consequently, eeWater – an isotonic salt solution carefully matched to the water/ fluid composition of the human body – is prepared for exclusive use with CyberScan. It is especially developed, not only to store energy information completely, but also safely, and for a long period of time.

Treatment with this carrier fluid acts quickly and permanently. The information contained in the carrier liquid is distributed widely and rapidly.  In many cases, the effect can be seen within one hour.

eeWater is produced under medical laboratory standards, is sterile, and is supplied in sealed vials of 60ml each.  The bottles are made from inert, pharmacy-grade synthetic material and do not release any harmful fumes or particles whatsoever.



CyberScan works with morphogenetic energy and fields. It can identify likely causes of disturbance to the clients’ ‘life field’ caused by electrosmog and geopathic stressors. Corresponding scalar information, as clearing and balancing signals, can be imprinted onto the eeCard to protect the client.

The Cyberscan eeCard works on the morphogenetic level, which is the “form-holding” energy field around every living cell, organ, body, planet, star, etc. Disturbances from any electric, electro-magnetic or geopathic source can be measured in relation to the sample of a client’s morphogenetic DNA field.

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The scale and extent of disturbances to the client’s personal morphogenetic field encryption pattern can be readily ascertained and processed according to severity/ urgency. Subsequently, imprinting that information via “Tesla Scalar-Wave” imprinting technology onto the Cyberscan eeCard.

By saving the morphogenetic “footprint” of the client, together with the found information onto the Cyberscan eeCard, the client will be protected from disturbance caused by electric, electromagnetic or geopathic sources, leading to better sleep, improvement of overall wellbeing, and support/ protection for the primary area(s) of CS treatment.

Other benefits include:

– Night time protection from Geopathics
– Reduced effects of EMF radiation
– Enhanced mental function/alertness
– Reduced stress and fatigue
– Reduce jet-lag
– Further improve immune system function